Oracle Market Intelligence Analyst in Bogota, Colombia

Market Intelligence Analyst

Preferred Qualifications

What we do

The Market Intelligence

team is responsible for bringing an external perspective to Oracle. Our

objective is to understand and analyze Oracle’s market and competitive

environments, so we can create compelling market insights that translate into

effective demand generation campaigns, enriched marketing assets and, most

importantly, intelligence that empowers our sales and business development teams

to be more assertive in front of the client. In brief: intelligence that

translates into sales.

How we do it

We deliver on our

mission by teaming up with sales, business development, channels, marketing and

content managers to understand their business challenges and produce targeted

assets and insights that support their tactical plays.

We are naturally curious . We search and identify market data and

sources that may be relevant to the business. We read a lot and are passionate


We analyze every information we acquire . We do not just forward data. We transmit

curated, analyzed market and competitive insights. We always have the end goal

in sight. That’s right: SALES!

We deliver nice pieces of work . We want our audiences to be eager to

receiving the insights we produce. After all, intelligence not used is simply

waste of company’s resources. We hate waste.

We work hard , and play hard . We support each other. We enjoy doing what we do, and we

have fun. We are proud of being Oracle !


Education / Experience

The basics:

  • Your collegedegree is very important. Any field .

Bring your intelligence to the team and we will love learning from you.

  • Englishlanguage skills is very

important. Most of the good external sources are in English, and we expect you

to read, write and speak English at least at an advanced level .

  • PowerPointsavvy : most of our

deliverables are in PPT format, so you have to make it fast and beautifully.

Specific knowledge / skills

We are looking for

someone to join our team

At our core, we are

all analysts. We are looking for someone who is:

  • Curious and loves learning.

  • Intuitive and analytical, who can grab

information from different sources and link the dots.

  • Creative: we are always learning from each

other. Help us to get us to the next level.

  • Communication and collaboration: We deliver our

value by teaming with other areas, so you will be spending some time with

people, learning their needs, ready to help and asking for help.

Detailed Description and Job Requirements

First contact for prospects of Oracle business via inbound calls. Qualifies Oracle prospects and produces quality leads for the Oracle Sales Force.

Acts as the first contact for many prospects in Oracle business via inbound calls. Qualifies Oracle prospects and produces quality leads for the Oracle Sales Force. Performs database and record keeping activities.

5-8 years related experience. Able to demonstrate time management, basic telesales skills, and knowledge of Oracle products and services. Goal oriented individual with superior communication skills. Able to complete individual goals as well as work in a team environment. Demonstrated ability to communicate using technical concepts. Working knowledge of Oracle products preferred. Professional demeanor. Job duties are varied and complex, needing independent judgment. May have project lead role.

Job: Sales

Location: CO-CO,Colombia-Bogota

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle